Our leading lady at the stable went on a grand adventure as she transformed into a majestic unicorn for Miss Avoree's very special birthday!

   Sheila riding Uriah Star and her grandson Aiden riding Khalia while he spent a week at "Nana's" house during the summer.

   Sheila riding Uriah Star and her granddaughter Arianna riding Khalia after spending part of her summer taking lessons and learning to ride.

   Welcome to Elder Row Stables.

   Your first glimpse of our beautiful stable.

   South side of the stable.

   East side of the stable.

   As Sheila likes to remind us    

   North entrance into the stable.

   Round pen on north side of stable.

   Northern pasture.

   Northern pasture.

   Outside dressage ring next to northern pasture.

   Outside Dressage ring.

   West pasture.

   Outside paddock.

   Sheila getting some practice in on Khalia.

   Inside one of the stalls. (10' x 12')

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