What People Are Saying About Sheila McElwee...

"I purchased my first horse when I was 53. I knew nothing about anything. When I started lessons with Sheila, I was on the ground for the first two months. I began from the "ground up". Everything I learned on the ground transitioned to the saddle. There is a lot to learn, a lot of fun while learning, and with Sheila's knowledge and experience, the ride is great!"

"The story is still unfolding, but in the past several months, Sheila has taken my 6-year old, totally untrained Arabian/Dutch Harness Horse and turned him into a willing, focused, mannerly partner! She has helped both me and my horse become more confident in working with each other and has set a solid foundation for our future partnership under saddle. Sheila's skill, experience and understanding of horses has completely surpassed my expectations. Thanks just aren't enough!"
~Lisa J.

"I first became acquainted with the stable at Elder Row over 12 years ago. At that time it was called Elder Row Arabians. There were, perhaps four horses there when I first arrived. The first to greet me was Meekell, a beautiful Grey Arabian. Since then, more horses have been added, the barn and facilities improved and expanded. Even though I owned two horses as a young girl, I realize I knew nothing until I began taking lessens from Sheila. Primarily stressing safety, she made me learn from the ground up. I used to wonder when she would actually let me ride. Finally, the day came and I think it was Elura who gave me my first ride. Not long after though Sheila let me take lessens on Meekell and I fell in love. I owned Meekel for almost 11 years. He died August 13, 2010 of a twisted intestine. I will forever be grateful for how well Sheila and Carl took care of Meekell and at the end, how they cared for us both. After a week in the hospital, Meekell joined the unicorns in the sky and his body was brought back to the farm where he now lies with Sheila's beautiful Stallion and Meekell's Dad, as well as a few others we have mourned losing over the years. But after Meekell died, Sheila had me out to the barn riding and helping with other horses and, eventually, I found Harabi Red Pepper, again with Sheila's help. I have owned him since December and absolutely thank God for him every day. When your horse sees you from a distance in the pasture, whinnies and runs to you, believe me, there is not much better feeling you will ever have. Thank you to Sheila and Carl for allowing me to share in the beauty and joy of Elder Row Stables."

"I caught horse fever when I was really young. For as long as I can remember I asked Santa for a horse for Christmas every year and started putting money into a jar hoping to save enough for a horse. Santa has yet to bring one to me and my jar is still sadly lacking. My family however has done their best to assuage the empty horse shaped hole in my heart with tons of pictures, paintings, figurines, movies, and books. When I was a sophomore in High School a friend of mine mentioned a stable that they took lessons at and how the owner was looking for some help on weekends. I immediately pounced on the chance to be around horses hoping that seeing their graceful beauty, hearing their playful whinnies and nickers, and smelling their distinctly unique horsey scent would help in a small way to fill that hole. That weekend I met Sheila who was a little intimidating at first. But as I came to know her better I found that she is one of the most caring individuals I've ever known. (And not that intimidating, but don't tell her I said that!) It has been seven years since the day I first set foot into Elder Row Stables (then Elder Row Arabians). Working around these majestic animals and the wonderful owner of the stable has brought me a lot of joy that I'll never forget. And while I still do not currently have a companion of my own I hope to someday. Thank you Sheila for some of the best years of my life."

"Horseback lesson has done wonders for my 9 year old daughter. She has been riding for a little over a year and has excelled in more ways than one. She has become more confident in herself, more assured in her decision making skills, and more focused. Mia has always had a passion for animals and when she started horseback riding she became more in engaged in other areas of her life. She has gone from being a very shy and quite person in school and around others to speaking up and being sure of herself. She has definitely become more confident since training with Ms. Sheila at Elder Row Stables. Ms. Sheila has taught her to be the boss and she has certainly carried that with her in her everyday life. Mia will make a confident decision and be able to tell you how and why she has come to that conclusion. While at the barn Mia has a safe and meaningful outlet from daily stressors. I love the person my daughter is growing into."

"When I first stumbled upon Elder Row Stables, I was in search of a white horse... a white horse to play the part of a Unicorn at our daughter's birthday party! We had tried a few other locations with no luck. Finding the website I thought that there was no way this place would be a match for our needs, but then we spoke with Sheila who in fact had a white horse and who was intrigued by the idea of letting her mare become a Unicorn for a day. It turns out that fate was on our side that day, as we were truly supposed to become a part of the Elder Row Family. Now I work at the Stable, and my daughter takes lessons on the very mare who was her special unicorn!
Every day I am thankful for the knowledge and friendship that we have found with Sheila and the Arabians at Elder Row."

"I have a sickness called PANDAS that makes me feel really afraid sometimes. Khalia came to my birthday party and showed me that she is special just like me, because she is a Unicorn! Now Khalia helps me be strong and brave because Miss Sheila has taught me how to be the head mare myself, so I know how to take care of my horse and be in charge of getting her groomed and tacked all by myself and now I get to ride too! I love Khalia and Miss Sheila!"

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